Parade Square, Forchheim

Paradeplatz and Marktplatz are located in the city centre of Forchheim. The design is intended to link the two areas and form a new urban place. The aim is to provide answers to functional and technical aspects, but also to give the space a new identity. It must become a place that carries the identity of the city of Forchheim to the outside world on the one hand, but with which the citizens of Forchheim equally identify.

The main idea of the design is a clear zoning and readability of the Paradeplatz and the creation of a connection between Paradeplatz and Marktplatz. The integration of the two squares into the urban fabric is decisive in this respect.

The design is based on the motif of Forchheim's main street - pavement slabs along the façade and small stone paving in the rest of the square. Like Marktplatz Square, the Parade Square will have a well-defined intarsia in the pavement. 




Square & City


Competition, Recognition


Stadt Forchheim




1.500 m²


Granite, Wood, Well, Brass, Group of trees, underground car park

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