Bruun & Möllers Landscape Architects

Welcome on moss-carpets, in box-tree gardens, under palm trees, in orangeries, at fairs, by swimming pools, at country estates, at the opera, at airports, schoolyards, by the ocean.  A garden is a retreat far removed from the clamour of the everyday life. A landscape architect is an architect who concentrates not on buildings but on the expression of space in between. More than concrete space, a garden provides room for the imagination to unfold. It is an oasis that allows you to rediscover yourself, a retreat from the pandemonium of daily life.

Bruun & Möllers was established in Hamburg in 1999. To the day we have accomplished lots of projects of the most different kind: the country estate by the Mediterranean to an opera place in China.

Nonetheless we like to think of ourselves as a young office team. Idealism, energy, flexibility and stamina are our outstanding qualities.


The 3 principles of our work:

1. We look at each project in its entirety. This involves careful consideration of all  elements that bear upon the project and the relation between them. First and foremost, it means close interaction with our clients. Only by visualising the project through the client’s eyes we can hope to carry out his ideas, possibly even elaborate on them. It demands of us to think and work extensively not loosing sight of the whole. That is why we see ourselves as generalists. We are gardeners, architects, sometimes even poets, but to first always humans.

2. In our work we seek clear answers to complicated questions. We are convinced that the best solutions are often achieved with minimal intervention but the effect is enormous.

3. We attach great attention to little things. No matter how minor a point may seem, the success of project relies on careful consideration on every detail. The perspective of a garden or the scent of a tree can be decisive for the overall impression of a project.