Platz der Luftbrücke


United in diversity. The two urban planning frames of the Platz der Luftbrücke are like two unfinished symphonies - on the one hand, the two buildings by Bruno Möhring to the west of Tempelhofer Dam, and on the other, the airport building by Ernst Sagebiel with the Airlift Memorial and Court of Honour to the east. Specific design steps are intended to preserve the diversity and special features of the individual sites, while at the same time creating an identity by connecting the two.

 The design of the new Platz der Luftbrücke creates a cohesive urban place that acts as a counterpoint to the adjacent large, landscape of Tempelhofer Park. In all scales and levels, the design lives from elements and motifs that create references to the place, the history, and the people. It relies on the contrasts between openness and security, green and paved surfaces, rough and smooth, light and dark, modern and traditional materials.

The design language accentuates the continuous transformation of the site, while bringing the heterogeneous situation into a cohesive composition.  The selected materials refer to the history of the individual sub-areas at every point. New materials are inserted into the existing typical pavement of the site and of the city of Berlin.




Square & City


Competition, 1st Prize


Senatsverwaltung für Stadtentwicklung und Wohnen, Berlin, Bezirksamt Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Grün Berlin GmbH , Tempelhof Projekt GmbH


ARGUS Stadt & Verkehr, Hamburg, BWS GmbH, Hamburg




60.000 m²


PLB, Tempelhof, Kaiserkorso, Ideas and implementation competition, Memorial garden, Airlift Memorial, Airport, Overall development, Water, Concrete, Grass area, Preservation of Monuments, Water feature, History, Paving setts, Barrier-free, ÖPNV, Infiltration

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