Beach attractivization


Let’s go to the WATT! Friedrichskoog defines itself: The beach and dam are closely intertwined, both areas coexist with their own qualities. A common arrival area with an overarching guiding and information concept connects the beach, the dam, and the tip into a single unit. From the Trischen terrace in the south, people can proceed along the highest point of the dike towards the bathing beach. Local themes are addressed and strengthened through careful interventions: The dike and park 'stage' connect the dike foreland with the inland, the new terraces offer space for food trucks or beach lounges, and specific play interventions related to the dike and Wadden Sea complement the planing.



The dike is spatially zoned into different beach sections: Active, Family, Dogs, and FKK (nudist). This zoning allows for a conflict-free use of the bathing beach by various user groups - there's something suitable for everyone. The park and dike crown form a "clasp" over the dike, thus connecting the dike foreland with the inland. This consists of grassy steps on the landward grass slope and a stone slope with seating blocks on the Wadden Sea side. The plan envisions widening the dike crown path to about 4,5 meters in width and constructing a beach terrace, an expanded promenade about 6 meters wide. The path offers undisturbed passage of multiple people, is accessible for a tractor, and can accommodate the placement of temporary containers during the tourism season. The height difference between the path and the beach terrace is created using special stones. The containers are designated for various uses: Food Truck, DLRG with a view, Panorama (quiet area). Additionally, a play container is planned along the lower walkway along the Wadden Sea.




Nature & Leisure


In process


Gemeinde Friedrichskoog, Amt Marne


panta ingenieure GmbH, Hamburg




196.780 m²


Park, Promenade, seashore, FKO, Dike

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